Radio Local – A live collaborative public broadcast

In Radio Local, Hunt & Darton set up shop – or, recording studio – on streets across the country with a hyper-local broadcast to the world. Eking out local people and passer by’s stories, observations and opinions, from the charmingly mundane to the quite extraordinary to the borderline ridiculous, Radio Local is a celebration of best local radio and community.

Drawing on their signature deadpan, playful and inclusive approach, Hunt & Darton turn regular radio features into a series of absurd games: New bulletins? Their ‘This is not The News’ segment documents everything and anything, from DIY successes to family births. Restaurant Reviews? Hunt & Darton sample sale food from cafes hyper-local to them, ultimately asking “but is it better than a Hob knob?”

Stringent budgets and an ever-increasing centralisation of the media in London have led to a devastating demise in support for local radio, with tens of local shows closing their networks in recent years.

Taking to the street with aerials strapped to their heads and mics in their hands, Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local invites members of the public to reclaim the airwaves, showing just what community means to them.

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