Kids Business

Handing all the decisions over to children aged 5 – 15, Kids Business is a brand-new site specific public art work in a high street shop.

Working with local budding young entrepreneurs, we run a series of workshops to grow ideas, cultivate skills, and bring to fruition the creation of a new business, democratically conjured up through the imagination of a group of kids. Be it a bank, barbers, bakery that is up to them. Participants are invited to dress in executive attire and attend ‘Meetings’ around the board table where each session will focus on aspects of an enterprise kicking off, debating everything from uniforms, procedures, products and services to roles, decor, brand, policies and signage. Taking the final agreed vision, the team then manage a dramatic make-over of the space – painting, building, stocking until the business is ready to go. For two consecutive weekends the pop-up shop will open order to the public staffed by local children – perhaps it’s a bakery specialising in unicorn cream horns, or a bank whose currency is emotions, or maybe it’s a barbers with only one haircut, the only way to find out is to go shopping.