In the face of adversity Radio Local goes digital for Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Hunt & Darton will broadcast a one-hour live show every day for the 17 days of the Festival, 8-25 May 2020.

Streaming live from a Village Hall in Sandon (Darton’s home) and a workshop in Brighton (Hunt’s partner’s carpentry shed!) long live Radio Local as we follow the rhythm of the festival, speak to the artists programmed and entertain you with all the usual features of Radio Local re-mastered for an online audience.

Think banter about subjects such as survival tactics for isolation and boredom busters, The Food review will be us sending someone a take away to critique, all our live reports will be from the over 70’s- we can’t wait for audio tours of your homes.

We will be joined by local legends from across Norfolk who will be sharing the tracks of their life, the dating show will consist of a series of virtual meetings between two strangers in the hope to find love in Norfolk in 17 days. We will be setting Intergenerational family challenges for our feature ‘ you can choose your friends, not your family’  such as; DIY obstacle course, toilet paper stacking, or make a piece of ‘Conceptual Art’ collaboratively out of toothpaste tube, and a Scavenger Hunt, plus competitions for all to join in with at home.

Jingle making will get more exciting as everyone is invited to make a jingle with anything around the house e.g. voices, pans, kids instruments, packets of food, door slammin’, all recorded on voice memos and upload to our Radio Local soundcloud. We will still be commissioning some great artists to explore the Norfolk plains (remotely of course) and we will be joined by our guest presenter Victoria Melody. Sign up to our mailing list for ways to listen and take part or visit for more info.

Radio Local goes digital for Norfolk and Norwich Festival - image of HunT & Darton

In the face of adversity Radio Local goes digital for Norwich and Norfolk Festival