Hunt & Darton Cafe

The award-winning pop‐up cafe that isn’t just arty – it is art.

Since 2011, Hunt & Darton Cafe has taken over empty storefronts in high streets across the country, blending art with the everyday in their pop-up hub where spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink. Whether seeking surprising art or a relaxing place to spend the afternoon, customers can expect a welcoming atmosphere and food served with an absurd twist.

Hunt & Darton Cafe, and its eponymous pineapple-hatted hosts, throws open its doors to encourage playful participation and meaningful social encounters in newly-created neutral spaces that belong to all: A jigsaw is completed by several strangers. A conversation about music is sparked by an individual’s record choice. Someone just bought trifle for the whole cafe and an eight year old has to serve two teas to the teenage couple that just won the last raffle. All while Hunt & Darton are delivered on their trolley to table eight to share a side of poetry.

Through creative play, cross-audience participation and old fashioned fun (with a contemporary edge), Hunt & Darton’s alternative service challenges a rising globalism and internet culture which has seen social isolation and homelessness spike, and our high streets stumble.

At Hunt & Darton Cafe, service comes with more than a smile.

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Hunt & Darton Cafe

Hunt and Darton Cafe