Hunt & Darton is a long-standing collaborative practise between artists Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton, who met studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Hunt & Darton make work that embraces the ordinary as extraordinary; they replicate, borrow, reframe and reclaim social space, facilitating ambitious public Art that responsibly establishes itself as part of its new home.

Committed to creating live work that playfully interrogates definitions of ‘local’, they blur distinctions between conceptual and community space and take ‘public engagement for starters and not as side dish.’

Hunt & Darton are the creators of the Three Weeks Editor award-winning Hunt & Darton Café, a pop-up interactive performance/installation and fully-functioning café. For a Circulate commission they created The Punch, The Sandwich, The Cake, an outdoor show for families. In 2014/15 they also toured a full-length theatre show titled Boredom to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and venues across the UK. They have since developed and toured Radio Local to town squares, parks and more remote locations across the UK. Hunt & Darton are associate artists at Artsadmin and Cambridge Junction.

‘A pop up establishment of disarming eccentricity’ Lyn Gardner, Guardian ‘A must-visit Fringe experience’ **** Scotsman
‘A living breathing baking art project’ Cambridge Journal
‘Great work’ The Guardian
‘A uniquely delicious art installation’ Varsity (Hunt & Darton Cafe)
‘Hunt and Darton have visual flair – there’s an extravagantly naff buffet of pineapple, Spam and Wotsits spilling out from the centre of the room – and an even stronger sense of the ridiculous.’ The Independent (Delia- Brighton International Festival 2014)

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